Past Updates

Past Updates

October 2016

Martin Luther and Love (Antti Raunio)
Martin Luther and Ontology (Dennis Bielfeldt)
Martin Luther on Death and Dying (Susan C. Karant-Nunn)

September 2016

August 2016

Ancestral Cults in Ancient Egypt (Juan Carlos Moreno García)
Apocalypticism in U.S. History (Matthew Avery Sutton)
Archaeology of Ancient Religions (Caitlín E. Barrett)
Dzogchen (Sam van Schaik)
Four Noble Truths (Carol S. Anderson)
God in Martin Luther (Jan-Olav Henriksen)
Homa: Tantric Fire Ritual (Richard K. Payne)
Jātaka (Naomi Appleton)
Jewish Liturgy (Ruth Langer)
Mahāmudrā in India and Tibet (Roger R. Jackson)
Martin Luther and Justification (Olli-Pekka Vainio)
Martin Luther in Pietism (Carter Lindberg)
Religion and Class in America (William A. Mirola)
Salafism (Joas Wagemakers)
Sōka Gakkai (Andrew Gebert)
The Book of Isaiah (J. Blake Couey)
The Twofold Rule of God (John R. Stumme)
The Uganda Martyrs Guild (Heike Behrend)
William Blake and the Apocalypse (Christopher Rowland)

July 2016

Modern Yoga (Andrea Jain)
Violence in the Old Testament (Jerome F. D. Creach)
Women in Religious Art (Diane Apostolos-Cappadona)

June 2016

May 2016

Art and Religion in Ancient Greece and Rome (Robin Osborne, Caroline Vout)
Cosmic War (Mark Juergensmeyer)
Medieval Christian Liturgy (Joanne M. Pierce)
Prophets in the Hebrew Bible (Jack R. Lundbom)

April 2016

Judaism and Visual Art (Melissa Raphael)
Liturgy and Music at Hagia Sophia (Bissera V. Pentcheva)
The Alevis (Gisela Procházka-Eisl)

March 2016

Hispanics and Religion in America (Kristy Nabhan-Warren)
The Religious Right in America (Michael J. McVicar)

January 2016

Muslim-Jewish Relations (Reuven Firestone)
The Pentateuch (Thomas B. Dozeman), summary

December 2015

Cybernetics and Religion (Noreen Herzfeld)
Modern Christian Liturgy (Bryan D. Spinks)

October 2015

Reformation Liturgies (Frank C. Senn)

September 2015

African American Islam (Herbert Berg)
African Americans and Religion (Sylvester A. Johnson)
History of Ancient Israel (H. G. M. Williamson)
Mormonism (Patrick Q. Mason)
Ritual Studies (Paul Post)
The Alawis (Stephan Procházka)

August 2015

July 2015

May 2015

April 2015

March 2015

Christian Initiation (Maxwell Johnson)
Early Christian Worship (Paul F. Bradshaw)
Liturgical Theology (Joris Geldhof)
Religion and the Body (Robert Fuller)

February 2015

Moral Agency in the Hebrew Bible (Anne W. Stewart), summary

June 2014

Thought Experiments and Religion (Yiftach Fehige), summary

March 2014

Astrotheology (Ted Peters), summary
God in the Old Testament (Brent A. Strawn), summary
Japanese Suicide (Paul S. Atkins), summary