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Recently Published

Recently Published

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August 2017

July 2017

Tri Songdétsen (Brandon Dotson)

June 2017

Mormonism and Deseret (John G. Turner)

May 2017

Moderation in American Religion (Rosemary R. Corbett)
Visualization in Hindu Practice (Sthaneshwar Timalsina)

April 2017

Freemasonry’s Sacred Space in America (Phillip Gordon Mackintosh), summary

March 2017

Law in Doctrine and Life According to Martin Luther (Risto Saarinen, Derek R. Nelson)
Martin Luther and Economic Life (Philipp Robinson Rössner)
Martin Luther and Preaching (Steve Paulson, Chris Croghan)
Martin Luther and the Saxon Electors (Marjorie Elizabeth Plummer)
Martin Luther and the Trinity (Christoph Schwöbel)
Martin Luther in Denmark (Niels Henrik Gregersen)
Martin Luther in Norway (Tarald Rasmussen)
Martin Luther in Sweden (Carl Axel Aurelius)
Martin Luther on Faith (Philipp Stoellger)
Martin Luther on Grace (Hans Wiersma)
Martin Luther, Jews, and Judaism (Dorothea Wendebourg)
Martin Luther's Catechisms (Ninna Jørgensen)
Martin Luther's Life, 1517-1525 (Christopher Boyd Brown)
The Luther Renaissance (Heinrich Assel)

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