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Alternative Religious Movements and Race in America  

Emily Suzanne Clark

Online publication date:
Jan 2017

...religious movements is also one of its least understood: Scientology. Founded by L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Scientology is based on his teachings and writings, most notably 1950’s Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health . While many critics claim that the details of Hubbard’s life, especially his intellectual achievements, are bogus, Scientology still boasts a large following. (One such claim is that the Blackfeet Indians taught Hubbard the tribe’s secrets and accepted him as a “blood brother.” 43 ) Scientology has been most successful in the United States, and...

African American Islam  

Herbert Berg

Online publication date:
Sep 2015

...reasons The Million Man March which he called and help organize in Washington in 1995 , which sought to promote African American male unity and family values, provoked criticism. More recently, although stating that he is not a Scientologist, in 2010 he embraced of the Church of Scientology’s Dianetics and many thousands of NOI members have followed his encouragement to take part in its auditing. That is likely to make other Muslims look on the NOI even less favorably. The status of the NOI vis-à-vis Islam (or better, other forms of Islam) remains problematic. Often...

Music and Religion in American Public Life  

Jason C. Bivins

Online publication date:
Jan 2018

...specific religiosities, which—owing to the fascination with celebrities—have rendered some of these artists near-exemplars of their religious traditions. Well known examples include Jerry Lee Lewis and Pentecostalism, Cat Stevens’s conversion to Islam, Tina Turner’s Buddhism, Beck’s Scientology, or hardcore band Bad Brains’s long-standing Rastafarianism. There is also occasionally a communitarian dimension to such associations, as with the link between hardcore bands Shelter and Agnostic Front with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. 34 Seen from another...